a monthly reading series, 2013

IMPALA (in my precious and loving arms) is a monthly reading series featuring as its venue the dark red Chevy Impala inherited from my grandmother.  The writer reads from the center back seat for an audience of three on a Sunday drive of their choice.  Scheduled readers include Eileen Gunn, Robert Mittenthal, Sierra Nelson, Laura Neuman, Summer Robinson, Bill Carty, Diana Ma, Drew Dillhunt, and Hap Bokelie.

a monthly series, 2006-08, 2011

an hour in the attic over the cabaret voltaire

dance * music * poetry

APOSTROPHE is a monthly series presenting three solo artists in one hour, testing for vistas within the camera obscura. Without theme or intermission, a dancer, musician, and poet present their work, posing questions about the compositional frame (page, body, breath, instrument, floor, room) and how it reshapes imagination and space.

Co-presented by gallery 1412 and Seattle Improvised Music. Curated by Michèle Steinwald, Beth Grazcyk, Gust Burns, and Melanie Noel.

An incomplete list of participants includes Karena Youtz, Angelina Baldoz, Kelvin Pittman, Alicia Cohen, Maged Zaher, Jessica Jobaris, Daniel Comiskey, C. E. Putnam, Corrie Befort, Alia Swersky, Koon Woon, Christine Deavel, Tari Nelson-Zagar, Monica Fambrough, Travis Nichols, Amelia Reeber, Don Mee Choi, Cristin Miller, Tonya Lockyer, Deborah Woodard, Chris Cogburn, Sarah Mangold, Ezra Dickinson, Mark Collins and Matthew Klane.